The Southeast Investor Group (SEIG) is a private peer-to-peer membership, composed of partners from 32 Venture Capital Funds, 6 Corporate Venture Funds, 25 individual investors and family offices.

We are not an angel group; rather we are a collaboration of professional investors seeking growth stage technology companies.

We look for companies that have unique technology, can show real demand through customer traction, and have the potential to grow exponentially by executing a defined market strategy. These companies may have received early funding from university and government grants, angels, management, and friends. SEIG members invest in post-seed stage through Series A and successive rounds. Most companies are seeking $1.5M to $15M in each investment.

Companies are primarily found through referrals from two primary sources:

  • Members with direct knowledge and referral of a company; 

  • Trusted affiliates of SEIG - such as business accelerators, economic development organizations, university incubators, and sponsored funds















SEIG was founded in 1995 to meet the need for intelligent capital and experienced management support for growth technology companies in the Southeast. We meet monthly in Atlanta, Georgia, and encourage co-investment.


The 60+ members bring a variety of technology and operational experience and reside in nine Southeast states, Texas, Boston, and D.C. Now in our 25th year, SEIG has reviewed over 10,000 companies and more than 1,000 companies have presented to members. Members are invited to join based on their meeting the Group’s investment criteria and level of industry expertise.


Over the most recent five-year history, SEIG Members annually invested in an average of 35% of the presenting companies. Collectively, the membership manages more than $3B of investment capital, and since inception, SEIG Members have invested in more than 250 companies.


SEIG’s foremost mission is to train business professionals, during their MBA study, for careers in Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Corporate Development.


  • The two-year program includes eight endowed Fellowships competitively selected from the MBA programs at Emory University's Goizueta Business School and Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

  • This is hands-on experience in venture capital: identifying, interviewing and processing technology growth stage companies through CEOs as candidates from the Southeast.

  • Each Fellow maintains a portfolio of candidate companies, monitoring them for market maturity and appropriate raise timing to be selected to present to Investor Members.

  • In addition to weekly training, the Fellows are assigned to investor members to build relationships, and through interaction, gain insight on investment strategy and analysis.

  • The SEIG Chairman and Investor Members assist with access to summer internships as well as long term employment after graduation.

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SEIG invests in a variety of technology segments including, but not limited to:


  • Business Products (B2B)

  • Consumer Products (B2C)

  • Cloud Services

  • Communications/Media/Entertainment

  • Data Analytics

  • Fintech

  • Sport-tech

  • Healthcare IT

  • Logistics/Distribution Software

  • Network Security and Cyber-Security

  • Machine Learning & AI Applications

  • Blockchain Applications


We look for companies that are past early stage “friends and family” and angel rounds, up and through Series A and B rounds of growth financing. In many cases, a candidate company needs capital to expand its sales and marketing, and further execute their sales strategy, or support the production level to meet demand.



SEIG Fellows

SEIG is managed by Chairman and Co-Founder Martin Tilson and Co-Founder Bernard Gray, staffed by eight MBA interns that currently include endowed Fellowships from the MBA program at Emory’s Goizueta Business School and from the Georgia Tech Scheller Business School MBA TI:GER Program. Fellows work as a team in two-year assignments, assisting the Chairman and other members in operations during the year. The Fellowships are funded by SEIG Member and Co-Founder, Bernard Gray.


Monthly Member Meeting

The SEIG monthly member meetings (typically the first Tuesday of the month), are held at a private club in Atlanta. We begin the program at 5pm and each company has 25 minutes to speak and answer questions. SEIG may hold special Webcasts for those companies that need more expedited attention due to the timing of their investment.






SEIG searches the Southeast technology hubs every day looking for companies that meet our investment criteria. Once identified, we make initial calls to discuss components of the business, and Fellows conduct light diligence. Candidate companies may be asked to complete an application, including a financial forecast and include any relevant supporting company documents.

SEIG Fellows curate the companies to validate the information and categorize each company by stage, industry, and amount being raised. Once an application is completed, companies may continue to update their information as they make progress or reach other milestones. SEIG maintains companies in their database for follow-up. 

SEIG Fellows provide a monthly list of eligible candidate companies to the eight-member Screening Committee for final monthly selection, which is a competitive process. Once selected, SEIG Fellows and Members hold mandatory coaching sessions on company pitches, presentation decks, and any accompanying materials to maximize the success of their presentations to investors. All presenting applicants will continue to be followed on the SEIG watch list and if not selected, are eligible to be considered for selection in following months for presentations to Members.


Within 48 hours after the meeting, select Fellows and Members follow-up with each presenting company to provide feedback on the presentation and make investor contacts available. Additionally, presenting companies remain on our watch list and Fellows follow our presenting companies with direct contact at 3, 6, 12, and 18-month intervals for any growth updates, or upcoming investment rounds, to share with SEIG Members.


We depend on knowledgable and trusted Referrals who understand the SEIG investment criteria, and we welcome meeting new sources.


The eight-member screening committee is composed of representative VC, Corporate, and

Individual investor members.


Selected companies are invited to present at our monthly meeting in Atlanta, held the first

Tuesday of the month, or sometimes as a Webcast.


Presenting companies are contacted within 48 hours and are provided member introductions/ level of interest, and tracked monthly.






The SEIG website is an informational site and not meant for solicitation of business plans. 


However, if you have been referred to SEIG and clearly understand the SEIG investment stage and industry criteria, your company may submit your information for consideration through your referral source.


If you submit, it is important that you provide your referral source contact, and detail the following in an executive summary:

  • Describe the product or service, and target industry sector 

  • Identify the market size and explain how you determined demand for your product (include customers) for your target market

  • Provide your business model and explain your pricing model

  • Explain your differentiation and/or competitive advantage

  • Provide your go-to-market strategy

  • List the amount being raised and describe previous funding

  • Provide executive bios and experience of the management team

  • Include a 5-year financial forecast, beginning with the preceding year


Once you have submitted, our curating team will review your information and follow up.


Martin Tilson, Chairman